7 Lakh Crore deposits by 60 lakh members


After demonetization from 8th November 2016 60 lakh members deposited 7 lakh corers of rupees in the bank this is an official announcement by the government. This brought’s a shocking to officers. No problems with who paying perfect income taxes, if in case any unofficial money landed into your account serious action will be taken. The action will be taken on who are deposited more than 2lakhs or 5lakhs.

Not only message! Now you can send kisses

London: By using android apps we send messages, emails to our girlfriends/wife. But today onwards you can send the Kisses from your smartphone, For this purpose, ‘Kissinger‘ the device designed by researchers at the University of the City of London.

The pressure detecting sensors detect how much pressure on our lips when we kiss the device, as well as our partner, can cause pressure on the other device. By using smartphones you can send the kisses.


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